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Info: restauraatoritepaev@unic-moto.ee or (+372) 50 18 426

TAGADI RESTORERS’ DAY has taken place for decades every year on the first Sundays of May and October at Tagadi village in Saku parish.

This event is for people who are interested in the Estonian vintage technology history and engage in restoration of such vintage technology or can help restorers in their work and hobby. Much more important than buying and selling is ensuring of movement of information within the vintage technology field. Tagadi Restorers’ Day started as Estonian Vintage Motorcycle Club Unic-Moto club event which has developed over the years into Estonian biggest vintage technology event.   

Rules of visiting the Restorers Day, trading, and registering as a trader on 05.05.2024


    1. To participate in the Restorers’ Day as a trader, a person must sign up beforehand. For the current event registration starts on 1st of April.
    2. Trading can take place only with vintage technology and items related to vintage technology. Vehicles over 35 years old and their details are considered vintage technology; related items are considered vintage items and antiquities. Trading of any other items is not allowed.
    3. Trading with cut-and-thrust weapons and firearms, explosives or parts of such, also all possible items resembling weapons and explosives (replicas) is strictly forbidden. The ban on sales applies regardless whether the above devices are deactivated or not and despite of a possible existence of valid marketing authorization permits.
    4. The traders shall present the goods meant for sales for inspection to the organizers of the Restorers Day upon such request. Names of all traders shall be made available to the buyers.
    5. A trader not following the trading rules of the Restorers Day shall loose the right to sell and must free the sales area given to him/her. In such a case, the fee paid for the sales area shall not be returned.
    6. For reserving a sales area, the trader shall choose the desired area from the plan and send an application together with a filled form from here. Before making the reservation, please check the availability of the desired area from the booking table. Information and help about reservation is available by calling +372 50 18 426.
    7. If the required sales area is available and the product profile of the seller is suitable, the area shall be reserved to the applicant and the trader shall be informed via email address on the form. A respective note shall be made also in the reservations table.
    8. Reservation is valid for three days during which the area reservation fee must be paid.
    9. Participation in the Restorers’ Day shall be deemed registered when the applicant has filled the form correctly and receives a confirmation of a sales area reservation, that is followed by paying the trading booth fee to Unic-Moto bank account. A respective note shall be made also in the reservations table.
    10. For 05.05 Restorers’ Day – for regular customers, an accustomed sales area shall be pre-reserved automatically and pre-reservation is cancelled in case the respective trader makes such a request or the sales area fee has not been paid by the 10th  of April.
    11. Trading booth fee is €25 (3×6m), €35 (4x10m) and €30 (4×8; 3×8; 3×7; 4×6 meters). Upon choosing an area, a trader must consider the size of sold products as well as the transportation pallet. Exceeding the borders of the area is forbidden.
    12. Name of the participation fee payer shall be made available in the list of traders. A bank transfer shall be considered a confirmation of being familiar with the “Restorers Day Rules”.
    13. Registration as a trader or payment of the participation fee on spot is not possible (unless agreed otherwise with the organizer in prior).
    14. The trading area is open for loading products from Saturday evening 18:00-24:00 o’clock and Sunday morning 06:00-09:00 o’clock. During these hours, the main gate is open. The Restorers Day starts on Sunday at 08:00 and ends at 15:00.
    15. The Rules of the Restorers Day shall be supplemented and amended as necessary; information on changes shall be made available via homepage unic-moto.ee. Organizers are not responsible for incorrectly secured tents and other items that may move and cause damage due to prevailing weather condition.
    16. I consent to the use of the provided data in connection with Tagadi Restorers’ Day.

Entrance to the fair is 5€ and free for children under 16 years of age. Entrance for the Unic-Moto members is free of charge.


Bank details

Account holder: EVMK UNIC-MOTO

SWEDBANK AS (Liivalaia 8, Tallinn, Estonia)

IBAN/Account No: EE512200221011926253


Details: “Area number and trader’s name”


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  1. Dear Sirs / Thanks a lot for the organisation and the best time which I spent on TAGADI Restorers Day. I think it wonderful for cooperation between different people and in order to find the points of future cooperation. Thanks a lot!!!

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